Greater Kansas City Council President's Welcome

Our Greater Navy League Council supports the original tenets of the founding of the US Navy League in 1902 of informing the public of the value of the sea services and being an active presence within our community. The Council’s Immediate Past President, Chaplain Ron Brooks Captain, CHC, USN (Ret.) has stated eloquently, “…the stronger we are, the more understanding we can create in the hearts and minds of our neighbors about the necessity of defending democracy at home and abroad through our sea services. We know the sea lanes on which global commerce travels must be open and free to all. The flags of our freighters and cargo ships must remain unencumbered by pirates or hostile governments to sustain not only our democracy, but those of the world. We want to tell you about it, and show you how it is done with a presentation.  

Together, we reach out to you in the hope that the sincere urgency of our message will convince you of the necessity of funding our fleet fully so it can bear testimony to our sovereignty and our intentions to maintain a presence on the high seas wherever the interests of the free world are at stake. American’s Strength begins with our presence wherever there is a need, be it for waging peace or providing humanitarian aid in a national disaster. We are at our best when we are defending the victims of self- serving autocrats and totalitarian regimes, the bullies of our world. We offer strength out of our arsenal for peace and freedom. The stronger we are, the better our case. Join us in standing firm on the thesis that strong maritime services are essential to being visible and useful for the cause of freedom.”

Invite us to share our story. You can contact us through this website or by emailing:

We are happy you visited our website and hope you will want to know more about our Council’s mission within our community in support of our military personnel in the Coast Guard, Marine Corps and the Navy as well as our sailors in the Merchant Marine that handle all our cargo to strengthen our defenses and our economy.

I join Ron in praying we succeed in our mission together as we navigate the troubled seas of our time.

Richard (Dick) Scharff, Captain, SC, USN (Ret.)